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Friday, March 24, 2006

More Space for "Omiyage"

The walls came down at the intersection of Main Street and Center Street to reveal the renovation of the Park's biggest shop. Now called World Bazaar Confectionary, this store (click on picture for larger view) expanded over the previous locations of Camera Center, Movie Premiere Showcase and The Disney Collection. The shop features rows of sweets in tin cans and decorated boxes. You'll also get to see the new checkout counters, which makes it look like an airport check-in counter. According to reports, this is the store with the highest sales inside the Park. "Omiyage" (souvenirs) are extremely popular gift items for Park visitors.

In the last two-plus years, the left side and right side of Main Street have had two "supershops" created, but have lost four stores and one attraction, Main Street Cinema. Our showpage with lots more photos will be up later today.


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