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Monday, April 17, 2006

Orange Bird at Tokyo DisneySea

nempa 4-16-06 orange bird Last Friday April 14th was officially declared "Orange Day" at Tokyo DisneySea. All guests attending the Park were given a special medal present. According to the note in the back of the plastic wrapping, "Orange Day" is meant to symbolize the love between two people. (Huh?) It goes on to read, "Orange Day was brought about from the Disney-created character Orange Bird and finally there is a special notice saying, "The Orange Bird greeting character does not appear in the Park." (Hehehe)

A little background here, TDR celebrates Valentine's Day on February 14th and White Day on March 14th. On Valentine's, ladies give their favorite man some chocolate. On White Day, men are supposed to reciprocate with an appropriate gift. So I guess Orange Day is another commercial festive day here. Sigh....


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