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Friday, May 05, 2006

"Legend of Mythica" Backstory

nempa 05-05-06 mythicaOne of the special events for Tokyo DisneySea's 5th Anniversary is the premiere of a new daytime harbor show called Legend of Mythica starting on July 14th. The popular Japanese message board "2Ch" recently had an anonymous posting which included a description of the new show. Below is the translated (by yours truly) text of the background story. Check out our TDS 5th Anniversary preview page for show description and information.

***The Legend of Mythica (Background)***

A long time ago, the dragon and unicorn dominated the legendary world. They walked on the rich earth, they swam freely in the neverending sea and they soared through the skies. Man and legendary creatures were united in rich harmony with the rhythm of drums. It was a time filled with joy.

However, as hostility began and the rhythm disappeared, fighting began from the humans. The creatures returned to the mythical world of Mythica. They longed for the day when they can reunite and dance joyously with mankind. A key was left behind so that the Gates of Mythica once again be opened.

After many years have passed, your favorite Disney characters and all the guests are here to make it happen.


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