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Monday, May 22, 2006

Official Tower of Terror Site Up!

nempa 05-22-06 tot site We were right! Just as we posted back about a month ago, there is an official Tower of Terror page now. It features a Macromedia Flash presentation with an image of the hotel, then a reporter's notebook introduces the disappearance of Harrison Hightower III, the owner of the Hotel Hightower. Lightning is seen striking the hotel and the thundering reveals the cursed idol's gree eyes that may be related to the disappearance. Nifty graphics!

Since the site is only in Japanese, we provide a loose translation of the text here. Enjoy!

First Page after Hightower's image:
Beware of the curse
You must not continue ahead
You will face the same fate as I have

Get out!
This is your last chance!

Second Page while at the desk:
This is Manfred Strong, reporter for the New York Globe Telegraph.

This research notebook is a record of the cursed Hotel Hightower wrapped in the mystery of the sudden disappearance of Harrison Hightower III on New Year's Eve 1899.

Should you read this notebook, you are welcomed to join in solving this mystery.

Should you find a solution, please contact Mr. Strong of the New York Globe Telegraph.

Inside the research notebook (from top):
Hightower III is missing.

Hotel Hightower Owner

In the elevator

1899 Dec. 31

What happened here?

Cigar and cursed idol.

Hotel 1892 Hightower NY

Shiriki Utundo(?)

The words of the curse?

NOTE: "Shiriki" means to unite or come together in Swahili. Still researching "utundo."


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