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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Nempa Blog. Nempa is a phrase taken from the Japanese for "Annual Passport." Here you'll find my comments and views on various things from Tokyo Disney Resort. I hope you enjoy it and visit often. Thank you!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Stitch is Milking Us!

nempa 05-04-06 stitch campaignDuring the run of the current Stitch special event at Tokyo Disneyland, they are having a sales campaign. Guests who purchase over ¥1,000 can get a stamp booklet and collect a charm present featuring one of the Lilo & Stitch characters. The first charm has Lilo on it. Guests can collect all 9 charms during 10 visits to the Park and making the minimum purchases. Stitch is featured on the 9th charm.

This particular campaign is totally geared towards the Annual Passport holders. However, they place some restrictions such as stamps and charms are only given out after 2pm daily. And only one charm/stamp per day is available. It's another way OLC is trying to drive in guests and boost attendance numbers. It also forces people to make minimum purchases for each visit.


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