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Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Tokyo DisneySea!

nempa Today we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea's opening. The actual festivies began on July 14th but the most anticipated part opened today. The ¥21 billion yen attraction Tower of Terror welcomed its first official guests as thousands flocked to this corner of American Waterfront. Pictured here is one of the gift items available at The Bath of Raja. It is a plush doll of the idol, Shiriki Utundu, which features prominently on the ride. This product actually doubles for a useful household item, can you guess what it is?

Back to the 5th, everyone received a special present commemorating the date. However, there were no special ceremonies or announcements for the 5th or the ride. The Park opened one hour earlier than scheduled and within 45-minutes, the FastPass distribution line reached all the way to Cape Cod and the standby line stood at 300 minutes. Guest reactions seemed positive throughout the morning.


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