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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Nempa Blog. Nempa is a phrase taken from the Japanese for "Annual Passport." Here you'll find my comments and views on various things from Tokyo Disney Resort. I hope you enjoy it and visit often. Thank you!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Countdown Parade 2007 Preparations?

DeepDisney's popular Japanese-language fansite has photos (see link below) of some of the mini-floats being prepared for what appears to be this year's Countdown Parade 2007. They look like small vehicles that will be pushed by Cast Members along the parade route. Tokyo Disneyland's yearly celebrations always have the longest parade of the year. Tickets for the event were available by lottery or for guests staying at related hotels. Special passports cost ¥12,000 this year for the private party (along with 60,000 other guests) that runs from 8pm-2am that night.

There are usually a couple of days of parade previews available on the days preceding the 31st of December. However, this year the folks at OLC/Disney decided to make the preview a hard-ticket event. Tickets are current on sale for the Countdown Preview Nights events on December 28th and 29th. It costs ¥4,200 per person. We will be at the parks to provide coverage!

DeepDisney's Site: Japanese-only
Instructions: On the left-side menu, click the first dark-red-colored option. Then at the top of the new right window, there is an image with "XX TDR." To the right of that is the "archive" link, click on that. A new window appears with a calendar menu on the left side, choose the date of 12/14 for December 14th. The photos are available there. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New DisneySea DVD Coming Out in March

A new Tokyo DisneySea DVD tentatively titled, "On to a Sea of Celebration, Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary!" will be released on March 21st, 2007. It promises to include clips on the various Park events and new shows such as "Big Band Beat" and "Legend of Mythica." It will also have scenes from the Park's newest attraction, Tower of Terror.

The DVD is available at a 25% discount price from Amazon Japan for advanced orders. You can order in English after clicking on the link to the right. Please keep in mind that this DVD is in Region 2 format. It may not play in some overseas models.

Nighttime Beats are Back!

nempaLast year, Tokyo DisneySea hosted a series of hard ticket music events called Bayside Beat. It seemed like it didn't go very well as most guests expected Mickey and friends to appear. Well, they only made it to one of the stages. This year, things a are a whole lot different. Both Parks will feature special nights filled with music, dance and song in the new Club Disney events.

Tokyo DisneySea will host Tokyo DisneySea Bayside Beat Returns from 7:30pm-10:30pm on January 28th-30th, 2007. Dance groups TRF and Toho Shinki will headline. Other areas of the Park will have a DJ performance as well as the regular stage shows from the 5th Anniversary events.

On February 7th-9th, Tokyo Disneyland has Super Dancin' Mania Remix. These shows will feature pop artists AAA and Cutie Mommy on stage in front of Cinderella Castle. Character will greet guests as they enter. "Disney's Magic in the Sky" fireworks show is also on tap for each night. The park is open from 7:45pm-10:45pm.

Special tickets go on sale to the general public on Wednesday, December 13th and cost ¥4,200 each. A "wristlet" with a dangling charm will be given as a special present to all guests each night. Visit the official Japanese page.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tower of Terror Lightning Effect Video

A friend of ours, SuperDry, has posted a link to the green lightning effect in Tokyo DisneySea's Tower of Terror attraction. The green flash and streak can be seen from outside of the building. It begins at the very top penthouse belonging to Harrison Hightower, the hotel's long-disappeared owner. Once the flash begins, it streaks towards one of the three areas where windows are broken. These just happen to be where the elevator doors open and guests inside can take a look out before they plunge down the shaft. The green lightning effect is timed so that it appears and strikes just before the elevator falls. It is a neat effect that is original to Tokyo's version of the attraction.

NOTE: The above link is directly to the video download. Windows Media Player is required for viewing.

After the 5th, What's Next?

Our friend, Malin has posed an interesting question on some of the English-language Disney fan message boards. "Tokyo Disney Sea (sic) 5th Celebrations: The Hangover!" asks what is scheduled for the Park after its 5th Anniversary events end in late May 2007. Will some shows continue or new ones start? How about modifying some existing shows? Lots of speculation abounds, join in the discussion below (registration required for posting):

MiceChat.com Boards

LaughingPlace.com Boards

Monday, December 11, 2006

An Ambassador Double-Header

nempa A few weeks ago while walking near Waterfront Park at Tokyo DisneySea, we spotted the current Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador Naoko Sugiyama. After talking to a guest who seemed to be a close friend, we were able to meet her and take a few photos. She was very courteous and pleasant. She even apologized thinking we had to wait long to meet her (actually, about 10 minutes). But all was well at the end when she flashed that radiant smile. Nice! Her tenure is coming to an end on January 1st, when Marika Hatori takes over the ambassadorship.

What a difference a year makes. Take a look at a press release announcement from over a year ago here. Also, we have photos and video of last January's Induction Ceremony. Enjoy!

2007 TDS Ambassador Interview

nempaThe January 2007 issue of Disney Fan Magazine features an interview with 2007 Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador Candidate Marika Hatori. She was selected in October out of about 100 Cast Member applicants from around the Resort. After a few months of training in the United States and Japan, she will officially take over the title from 2006 Ambassador Naoko Sugiyama in a ceremony held at Showbase in Tomorrowland on New Year's Day. Below is an interview translated from the Japanese-language magazine.

Why would you like to be Ambassador?
It's an opportunity to meet many people. Also, we can share the joy and pleasure of Disney with them.

What kind of promotions will you do?
The main thing is to introduce the final events for Tokyo DisneySea's 5th Anniversary to the press and other media.

After being Ambassador, do you have other goals?
My goal is to be bright and friendly with others. I want to make a more attractive image of the Resort for future guests.

Who's your favorite Disney character?
Of course, Mickey and Minnie. I like all of them, but I love Piglet because of his really cute outfit.

What's your favorite Disney movie?
It is hard to pick only one. One I saw recently was Tarzan, which showcased the love of family but featured comedic scenes. That's a wonderful movie because it was fun and emotional.

When was your first visit to the Parks?
When I was a child, I lived in the U.S. so I first experienced Walt Disney World. As a junior high school student, I visited TDL many times.

Miss Hatori was born in Tokyo on May 8th, 1979. She is a graduate of Sophia (Jouchi) University, Department of Law. Her hobbies include tennis and snowboarding.
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