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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Countdown Parade 2007 Preparations?

DeepDisney's popular Japanese-language fansite has photos (see link below) of some of the mini-floats being prepared for what appears to be this year's Countdown Parade 2007. They look like small vehicles that will be pushed by Cast Members along the parade route. Tokyo Disneyland's yearly celebrations always have the longest parade of the year. Tickets for the event were available by lottery or for guests staying at related hotels. Special passports cost ¥12,000 this year for the private party (along with 60,000 other guests) that runs from 8pm-2am that night.

There are usually a couple of days of parade previews available on the days preceding the 31st of December. However, this year the folks at OLC/Disney decided to make the preview a hard-ticket event. Tickets are current on sale for the Countdown Preview Nights events on December 28th and 29th. It costs ¥4,200 per person. We will be at the parks to provide coverage!

DeepDisney's Site: Japanese-only
Instructions: On the left-side menu, click the first dark-red-colored option. Then at the top of the new right window, there is an image with "XX TDR." To the right of that is the "archive" link, click on that. A new window appears with a calendar menu on the left side, choose the date of 12/14 for December 14th. The photos are available there. Enjoy!


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