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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Nempa Blog. Nempa is a phrase taken from the Japanese for "Annual Passport." Here you'll find my comments and views on various things from Tokyo Disney Resort. I hope you enjoy it and visit often. Thank you!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Captain Jack Due in Tokyo in July

nempa The official Tokyo Disney Resort website now has a flash page for the Adventureland attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean. The page mentions the re-opening of the ride on July 20th, 2007 with the addition of at least one character from the hit film of the same name. The attraction will have at least one audio-animatronic of Jack Sparrow. Sources say there could be as many as XXXXXXXX Jack's throughout the ride. Other characters include Davy Jones and Captain Hector Barbossa.

The website also features themed merchandise and a special menu related to the attraction that will be available soon.

Official Site in Japanese

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tower of Terror in English

More than six months after the "Hightower Hotel" started welcoming guests, an English-language website is now available for those daring to take the special historical tours. The flash-created site features the background story for the popular freefall ride at Tokyo DisneySea. Included in the site are Strang's Notebook, Endicott's Diary and a brief Hightower biography. There is also an interactive portion that shows the front and the lobby of the possibly-cursed hotel.

Official English Site

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