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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CDs: Halloween 2007 & HM Holiday Nightmare

nempa The big holiday special events are coming up and it means new music is available! Disney's Halloween 2007 will contain two tracks, Disney Halloween Happy Haunted Parade and Haunted Rockin' Street. The first track is especially awaited by us at JTCEnt.com. A special friend, Rick McKee composed the music for this year's show mode during the parade. Looking forward to hearing his Disney debut.

The other CD coming out for Halloween is Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare. If rumors we received are true, this release includes all of the following!

1. Up on the Housetop
2. Scary Bells
3. Over the Graveyards
4. Old Mansion Tree
5. Wreck the Halls
6. We Wish You a Scary Christmas
7. The 13 Days of Christmas
8. God Rest You a Merry Grinning Ghosts
9. Making Christmas
10. What's This?
11. Kidnap the Sandy Claws
12. Foyer
13. Elevators
14. Elevator Exit
15. Load Zone
16. Portrait Gallery
17. Library
18. Library
19. Music Room (Harpsichord by Ed Kalnins)
19. Corridor of Doors
20. Seance Room
21. Grand Hall
22. Attic
23. Instrumental - Graveyard Final
24. Jam Band
25. Tombstone Ho Ho Ho
26. Pumpkin Solo/Quartet
27. Tea Party
28. Hearse Spirits (Vocals Only)
29. Pumpkin Chorus
30. Opera Man & Woman and Mummy
31. Ghoul Trio
32. Hitchhiker Theme
33. Unload Music

Both CD's are available at the Resort from September 12th and cost ¥2,100 each. They're available nationwide from September 19th.


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