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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where is the Disney Store in Shibuya?

nempa The Disney Store in Shibuya is a few minutes walk from the local train and subway stations. Click on photo for larger view. Shop is the red circle in the top center.

From JR Shibuya Station, use the Hachiko exit. You reach the popular meeting spot where the statue of Hachiko the Dog is located. In front of you is a busy intersection, in fact the busiest in the world.

A tall building with screens on the outside wall is directly on the other side of the intersection from you. That building houses a Starbucks on the ground floor and a Tsutaya video rental shop. Cross the intersection towards the Starbucks and then turn right.

Continue walking on that street for two blocks. You're in the right direction if you pass by a Seibu Department Store building. When you reach a Y-shaped intersection, the street on the left side goes uphill. Take that street, remaining on the left side. Walk about 100 feet and the Disney Store is right there.

From the Hanzomon Line subway, use exit 6-3 or 6-2, when you reach street level, turn left towards the Y-shaped intersection. From Ginza Line subway, reach Hachiko exit and follow the above instructions.


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