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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Disney Fan (#203 - June 2009)

The newest issue of Disney Fan Magazine published by Kodansha was released on the April 22nd. It features Mike and Sully in front of the new attraction building at TDL. This month's issue (available for order from Amazon Japan) includes:

- Pictures of Monsters Inc. "Ride & Go Seek!" at TDL. Attraction-related merchandise, menus and campaigns.
- Guide for TDS's Spring Carnival. Special event-related merchandise, menus and campaigns.
- "Fun with Children at the Resort" information
- "Hot Hot Now!" introduces a new line of shirts and hats, some with a Westernland motif.
- There's a report on the "Disney Academy" for training new Cast Members.
- Small article on this year's Disney on Classic tour "Promise".
- Panasonic has a large advertising section featuring TDL.
- The "Disney Shin-Seiki" section is about Disney's Blu-ray Discs.
- The Sheet Music section has "We Rock" from the film "Camp Rock"
- "Disney Cafe Recipes" has a soy pulp and spinach donut in the shape of Mike Wazowski.
- "The Disney Store" prepares for Donald's Birthday with new merchandise.
- "Disney Fan Readers Selection: Disney's Best of Best" CD to be released on May 20th for ¥2,548.
- "My Tokyo Disney Resort" Issue #62 called "Tokyo Disney Resort New Attraction Guidebook"

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Spring Carnival (2009) CD Released

On April 22nd, the CD for TDS's Spring Carnival was released at the Resort (April 29th nationwide). It has two tracks including a bonus track for "Fly to Your Heart" from the "Tinker Bell" soundtrack. Below is more detailed information and to the right is the Amazon Japan link in case you'd like a copy for yourself.

Label / Distributor:
Walt Disney Records / Avex Records (AVCW-12718)
1. Fairies Primavera
(23:44; Fly to Your Heart / It's Spring / Spring Fever (Presley) / "Spring" (Vivaldi) / Springtime Jump / Spring (The Season for Love) / The Carnival of Spring)
2. Fly to Your Heart
(3:12; from "Tinker Bell")
Price: ¥2,100

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New Park Guide Designs (April)

From April 15th, both Parks unveiled new designs for the Guide Map and Today brochures. These are available free of charge for Guests at each Park with lots of information and show times. Guides are also available in English, Korean and Chinese.

Below are the Japanese guides for both Parks. The Guide Map is valid from April 15th to September 30th. The Today: Information and Entertainment guide is valid from April 22nd to 30th. While I enjoy the new design, I miss the Hidden Mickey's that used to be on the front of the TDS Guide Maps each time. Oh well.

nempa nempa
nempa nempa

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Official Site Updates (Apr 18 - Apr 25)

nempaHere's a list of recent updates on the official Japanese TDR website. As always, links are in Japanese.

Spring Carnival CD Released
Sold inside the Park one week before national release, this year's version features a new bonus track. The CD is available for sale at House of Greetings (TDL), Emporio (TDS), Bon Voyage and other locations around the Resort. Read our detailed report for this release.

Duffy Stories Wanted
Site visitors are encouraged to write their stories about Duffy and memories with the Disney Bear at the Park. From April 21st to July 31st, Guests can send in submissions via the online site. Selected entries will be posted on the site from late May to August.

Cape Cod Series Begins
To start the "Cape Cod Series", a the first in a series of Duffy costumes (pictured above) will go on sale from April 28th at Aunt Peg's Village Store. The costume set selling for ¥3,500 includes a hat, shirt, pants, apron, shoes and potted plant. A badge chain with a mini-Duffy in the new costume is also being sold for ¥1,300. New costumes in the series will go on sale on June 12th, July 17th, September 25th and November 27th.

Spring Carnival Wallpaper
Computer and mobile wallpaper can be downloaded featuring the Fairies in this year's Spring Carnival. Mac and PC versions available in 800x600 or 1024x768 sizes.

Watashi no Otomari Episode
(Anecdotes of My Stay)

Guests who have stayed at Disney-brand Hotels can submit short stories about their visit and recommended ideas. After sending in their anecodotes, they will be able to download a themed e-mail as a present.

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 14th Trip Report

nempaThe day at the Resort for the final day of the 25th Anniversary started dark and wet. I met SuperDry once again with his friend at Monsoon Cafe in Ikspiari. Our host that day was Mr X from the LaughingPlace.com boards. We used to meet up at neighboring Planet Hollywood but it had closed down the day before because of a court injunction that came out in the Walt Disney Company's favor. We had a fun time at Monsoon before checking out Roti's House, home of the Maihama Harvest Moon Brewery.

We all split up after that. I went into TDL and checked that the Monsters attraction was closed a day before its official opening. I continued across Tomorrowland and went into Toontown in the rain. The Jolly Trolley was in its final day and more than the usual number of people were in line to ride it one more time. I stayed in the area taking pictures, video and talking to Cast Members and other Guests. It seems like a lot of former CM's also made the visit as they reminisced about the attraction's 13-year run.

It was now about 6 o'clock and I was getting hungry so I went over to my favorite snack eatery, The Lucky Nugget, and had me some friend chicken. Yummy! The Park was pretty empty so I made a run of the Fantasyland attractions. Then I spent the last hour in a corner of Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant killing time until 9:30, then made my way back to Toontown. Check out our previous post on the end of the Jolly Trolley.

After wiping away some tears...oh, I mean raindrops, I walked through World Bazaar. A number of CM's were there to say their goodbyes to the last of the Guests. It was a very nice time and proper way to end the celebrations this time. In the above photo, you can see a group of them posing for Guests. I finally exited the Park at about 11:00pm in the cold rain. I stayed at a local hotel that night for only ¥6,000 (US$60.00) for the room.

Attraction tally: Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White's Adventures, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, Haunted Mansion, it's a small world

Restaurant tally: The Lucky Nugget Cafe, Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant

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TDS Spring Carnival Pics on Deep Disney

nempaThe team over at Deep Disney have pictures of the TDS Spring Carnival which began on April 22nd. The offer coverage of the show Fairies Primavera featuring Tinkerbell and her friends. You're also able to see pictures of merchandise and Park decorations. We'll have our coverage here after this weekend, when we catch the festivities twice!

NOTE: To access the Deep Disney site: click on the first RED link in the top left side of the page. The site is in Japanese only.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 12th Trip Report

nempaHad a chance to visit TDL on Easter Sunday, April 12th. It also happened to be the final weekend of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. It was a warm day and a Japanese friend of mine was able to save a space right in front of the gates. A little later, SuperDry and his friend came by and we spent some time together.

Once the gates opened, we confirmed that Monsters, Inc. was closed to general Guests but open to contest winners and other promotional event Guests. We made our way to Tomorrowland Hall and won lottery tickets for the first performance Dreams Within, the Castle stage show. We watched the show and at the end and noticed the lackluster reaction of the Guests. The show is not one of my favorites at all.

We rode a number of attractions, then had lunch at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. I had the "hamburg" steak patty with rice and veggies. Later, SuperDry and I went to TDS to film The Legend of Mythica from the Roman Bridge and the foot of Mt. Prometheus. We got some pretty good angles of all the floats entering and leaving the harbor.

The picture posted above is of Bon Voyage and its wall poster sign. They were recently painted after years of being faded. They look quite nice! I left the Resort right after watching Mythica.

Attraction tally for today: Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain (twice), Big Thunder Mountain.

Show tally: Dreams Within, The Legend of Mythica

Restaurant tally: Captain Hook's Galley, Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jolly Trolley's Final Run

nempaThe Jolly Trolley had its final run last Tuesday, April 14th. The Toontown attraction closed permanently after 13 years with a tribute from its many Cast Members and Guest. The day was marred by rain but that didn't stop more than 100 people waiting until half an hour after the Park closed to see the two trolley trains taken into the barn. We have full coverage with pictures and video of the final moments.

The train that ran from Mickey Avenue to Downtown Toontown was reportedly closed because of safety issues and operational costs. The ride opened along with the Toontown premiere on April 15th, 1996. The last TDL attraction to close was Starcade in Novermber 2007 and the next one scheduled to close is Mickey Mouse Revue on May 25th.

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"Club Monsters, Inc." Coming This Summer

nempaThe new summer event at TDL has been announced in the latest issue of Disney Resort Times and the "Monster Eye" special issue handed out at the Monsters, Inc. attraction. The new castle show, named "Club Monsters, Inc. Waraitte Cool!", runs from July 8th to August 31st. Sources tell us there might be a daytime and nighttime version of the program. Based on the released artwork (pictured above), the shows will contain lots of water and dancing but only the nighttime show will have pyrotechnics as well.

In some Japanese message boards and blogs, visitors are discussing the meaning of the phrase "Waraitte Cool!" People are trying to undersstand since it's not a regular Japanese phrase. Translating into English is a bit tough, too. Perhaps it means, "Laughter is cool?"

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New TDR Times (Vol 15. Apr-Jun 2009)

nempaIn the latest edition of Tokyo Disney Resort Times, Mike, Sully and Boo take center stage for the new attraction which opened on April 15th. Inside this issue there's event calendars for both TDL and TDS, "Magic Rally Campaign" showcasing the new Annual Passport designs and the re-screening of the Disney/Pixar film "Monsters, Inc" at Cinema Ikspiari. Also featured is information on TDS's "Spring Carnival", "Adult Wednesdays" Passports, and the official Disney Fairies website.

Issues of Tokyo Disney Resort Times are published quarterly and are available free of charge at Disney Store locations around Japan.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alain Littaye's TDL Concept Art

nempaIn his great "Disney and More" blog, Alain Littaye posted some great concept art pictures of Tokyo Disneyland in commemoration of the Park's 26th Anniversary on April 15th. Be sure to click on the images to see them in high resolution.

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Official Site Updates (Apr 11 - Apr 17)

nempaHere's a list of official TDR website updates. As always, links are in Japanese.

New Monsters, Inc. Commercial
A new television spot for the new attraction is available for viewing. NOTE: Adobe Flash Player required.

New Spring Carnival Commercial
A new TV commercial is also available for the upcoming TDS special event. NOTE: Adobe Flash Player required.

May 2009 Photo Calendar
Download the newest photo calendar wallpaper for your PC or Mac desktop.

Shashin de Meguru Tokyo Disney Resort
(Around TDR in Pictures)

The photo essay pages are updated with the new theme "Michi" (Paths). Click on the "Enter" button.

Dance Showcase Performers Wanted
As part of the Performance Dream Festival, TDS is hosting the Dance Showcase (pictured above) featuring amateur dance teams. Deadline for video submissions is Friday, May 29th. The shows run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between July 22nd and August 29th.

Fun Monsters, Inc. Downloads Available
Disney Ambassador Hotel has a campaign for the new attraction opening. Fun printouts of the characters are available for download as well as mobile phone wallpaper images.

Osusume Souvenir (TDL)
(Recommended Souvenirs)

Focusing on TDL menu items this time, Refreshment Corner is offering a Lilo & Stitch Lunch Box Set with course-ground sausage dog, french fries and soft drink for ¥1,460 (meal only for ¥830). Captain Hook's Galley has an Aristocats Lunch Box Set with a slice of chicken with mozarella and tomato pizza, small cream puff and choice of soft drink for ¥1,470 (meal only for ¥840). The popular Mickey Box Lunch Set at Huey, Louie and Dewey's Good Time Cafe now features a hot bologna sausage sandwich, french fries and soft drink for ¥1,680 (meal only for ¥700).

Osusume Souvenir (TDS)
(Recommended Souvenirs)

Over at TDS, Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen has a really cute Mermaid Lagoon Box Set Lunch that includes a prawn cutlet sandwich, french friends, strawberry mousse with jelly and a soft drink for ¥1,850 (meal only for ¥990). The Donald Duck Lunch Box Set sold at Cape Cod Cook-Off features a sesame sauce and fried egg burger, french friends, chocolate cake and soft drink for ¥1,950 (meal only for ¥990). The same Lilo & Stitch Lunch Box Set mentioned above is also available at Miguel's Eldorado Cantina with a chicken and cheese wrap, french fries, mango pudding and soft drink for ¥1,620 (meal only for ¥990).

Mickey to Tsukuru Saikou no Omoide 2 Days
(Two Days of Making the Best Memories with Mickey)

The Ambassador Hotel has a campaign from June 1st to July 16th where guests can buy a vacation package and spend a special time with Mickey. The package includes a one-night stay, special meet-and-greet with Mickey and original goods and menu options. Sales begin from Thursday, April 23 at 11:00am.

Gift Passports for Mom
For Mother's Day in May, special gift passports are being sold only online until May 17th and allow Guests to include a special message on the passport media. Special cocktails (alcholic and non-alcholic) will be sold May 1st through 10th. Themed merchandise for mothers is on sale at Figaro's Clothiers (TDS) and Town Center Fashions (TDL).

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Official Site Updates (Apr 4 - Apr 10)

nempaTDR TV Broadcast Schedule Updated
Service no Kamisama: Kokoro ga Tokusuru Shunkan
(Gods of Service: Heart-gaining Moments)
Tokyo TV Network will have a program focusing on Guest Services and enhancing the guest experience at the Resort. The show is scheduled for Sunday, April 13th from 8pm to 10pm local time.
Yume Ippai! Tokyo Disney Resort
(Full of Dreams! Tokyo Disney Resort)
This month's edition focuses on the new TDL Monsters, Inc. attraction and the upcoming TDS Spring Carnival special event. This edition's present is a Mickey photo stand (pictured here).
Tokyo Disney Resort Perfect Guide
General and updated information on TDL and TDS.

Ambassador Style Event Page Opens
Disney's Ambassador Hotel begins a series of special menus developed by famous chefs. Every three months, each Hotel restaurant will have either a special course, cocktail or bread dish themed to a character. Stage 1, from April 15th to June 30th, will feature Mickey Mouse, then Daisy Duck (July to Sep), Donald Duck (Oct to Dec) and Minnie Mouse (Jan to Mar 2010).

TDR Magical Report Page Updated (Links below)
Dream Art
On March 12, 2,500 Guests from around the country gathered at the TDL Parking Lot to make magical art. Wearing color colored and standing in formation, they were part of a group image and picture depicting the 25th Anniversary logo and the face of Mickey Mouse. Catch the video and download the pictures from that special day.
Saigo no Omoidezukuri
(Making of the Final Memories)
On March 20th and 21st, a group of children who had just recently been completed elementary school got treated to a special tour and other fun stuff like participating in a parade. They were able to store their memories in a "time capsule."

Hotel Miracosta Spring Carnival Menus
A new event page featuring special courses at the Hotel restaurants has just been opened. Oceano will also feature a special buffet menu. This is also part of the "Dining Voyage" campaign. A special download with the event theme will be available soon.

TDS Flower & Tree Guided Tours
From April 22nd to June 30th, TDS will offer the "DisneySea Academy: Flower & Tree Tours" for guests. Guests in groups of up to 12 can join for ¥2,500 each and be given a tour of the natural wonders the Park has during this season. The tour begins at Guest Relations, continues through Mediterranean Harbor, past Fortress Explorations to Cape Cod, Port Discovery and ends at Waterfront Park at American Waterfront.

TDS Spring Carnival Show Page Updated
More information about this year's updated show called Fairies Primavera staring Tinkerbell and her friends. It also gives information on the Fairies Greeting in the forests (jungles?) of Lost River Delta.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Monsters, Inc. Attraction Media Day

nempaWednesday, April 9th was the first media preview day for Monsters, Inc. "Ride & Go Seek!" The first new TDL attraction to open in five years opens officially on April 15th for the Park's 26th Anniversary. The new merchandise shop was also open for the press.

The ride has been opened for public sneak previews since March 19th. It was closed on this day to give media outlets a chance to cover the new ride. There were also several media crews filming feature spots for upcoming variety and morning programs for Japanese television. More pictures are available on the Japanese site of MSN/Sankei News.

A poster on Micechat.com has added pictures from her visit that day. It also features new merchandise being sold ahead of the official opening.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Discount TDR DVD's and CD's For Sale

nempaListed below are some official TDR items that I have received as gifts, but already have. I'm selling them at discount prices via PayPal to make extra space on my shelves! If you're interested in buying one or any of them, please email me at contact(at)jtcent(dot)com. Thanks!

Lilo and Stitch's Big Panic: Find Stitch! (CD)
Original Price: ¥2,000 (about US$20.00)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥1,500 (about US$15.00)

Disney's Halloween 2007 (CD)
Original Price: ¥2,190 (about US$21.90)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥1,700 (about US$17.00)

TDR Dreams of the 25th - Forever (3-CD Set)
Original Price: ¥4,285 (about US$42.85)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥3,500 (about US$35.00)

Enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort Complete Official Guide (DVD)
Original Price: ¥2,980 (about US$29.80)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥2,000 (about US$20.00)

Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary: On to the Sea of Celebration (DVD)
Original Price: ¥2,800 (about US$28.00)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥2,000 (about US$20.00)

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Alain Littaye's Tribute to "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Attraction Designer

nempaIn the latest Disney and More blog post, Alain Littaye pays tribute to Tom "Thor" Thordarson and his artwork for the popular DisneySea attraction Journey to the Center of the Earth. He also had a hand in another Mysterious Island attraction 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea during his time as a Director/Senior Concept Designer for WDI.

Thordarson's concept art for the attraction is on display at the site as well as a few comments from the artist himself. It also features pictures of his team exploring real caverns and models of what would become two of TDS's premiere attractions!

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Monday, April 06, 2009

TDLFAN Reviews New DVD & Monsters Inc. Ride

nempaA good friend of mine, the world-famous TDLFAN, has just posted his detailed reviews of two new offerings from the Resort. Recently, he's had a chance to view the newest DVD-set release "Dreams of Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary Year Magic Collection" and he also experienced a sneak preview of TDL's newest attraction "Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!"

On the MiceChat forums, TDLFAN simply loves the two-DVD set that includes 25th Anniversary footage of all the special events and parades from the past year. Each DVD is also sold separately as the "Packed with Highlights" disc and the "Two Shows in their Entirty" disc.

He also gives a positive review of the Monsters, Inc. ride scheduled to open officially on April 15th for TDL's 26th Anniversary. While he enjoyed the ride and gave it a score of 3.75, it doesn't compare with the 5-point Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

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DisneySea & Port Disney Series at Blue Sky

nempaOver at Blue Sky Disney, Honor Hunter started a great new series entitled What was Gotten Versus What Could Have Been about how the Port Disney project failed to take hold in Long Beach, California in the 1990's. Later parts will explain what eventually ended up at Tokyo DisneySea in 2001.

Honor considers TDS "the second best theme park in the world" and explains that had Port Disney become a reality, it could have been "the best Disney resort in the world." The post features lots of interesting behind-the-scenes stories and concept art from both projects. Also, read some of his older posts on TDR. It's definitely worth checking out for any Disney theme park fan!

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

TDR Sponsors and Providers

nempa Since the first Park's opening in 1983, Oriental Land Company in partnership with at least 25 sponsors to provide entertainment, cuisine and guests services for those who visit Parks. I've compiled a list of Park sponsors for attractions, facilities and other services. On that page, links are given for partner companies and special feature pages. Some pages have cool pictures and videos of the attractions.

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Funderful Disney Present and Discount Passport

nempa"Thanks from the Heart Passports" are being sold to members for ¥4,800 per adult. One member may buy up to six passports for this price at the ticket windows between April 15th and May 15th.

A Mickey-shaped mirror case is being given away as part of the "Tanoshimi Goods Present" series. Between June 1st and 30th, members entering either Park can pick up their gift by showing their members card at the counter by Squeezer's Tropical Juice Bar (TDL/Adventureland) or Stroller & Wheelchair Rentals (TDS/DisneySea Plaza) between 12:00pm and 8:00pm.

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Official Site Updates (Mar 28 - Apr 3)

Here's a summary and links for the latest TDR Official Site updates between March 28th and April 3rd, 2009. All pages are in Japanese unless otherwise indicated.

Tokyo Disney Resort Perfect Guide (TV/Satellite Broadcast)
The early April 2009 edition of the 30-minute broadcast focuses on the last part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. Present giveaways include Mickey and Minnie plush dolls dressed in 25th Anniversary costumes. Check local TV listings for show broadcast times.

New Spring Menu at the TDL Hotels
Until April 30th, the restaurants inside Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will be offering special menus for spring. Sherwood Garden Restaurant has buffet menus for lunch and dinner. A glass of Pommery Springtime is available for ¥1,850 or the bottle for ¥11,000. Canna offers special courses and a la carte items focusing on seafood. Recommended is the Spring Fanfare with white cacao liquer and strawberry hibiscus syrup for ¥1,400. At Dreamer's Lounge between 2:30pm and 9:00pm, the Spring Afternoon Tea Set for ¥3,000 feature 35 items such as finger sandwiches, green tea scones, the "dessert medley" and black tea.

Guest with Disabilities Attraction Videos (links below)
Videos showing how guests with disabilities are accommodated in certain attractions are available for viewing. The TDL videos feature Western River Railroad, Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and Monster's, Inc. "Ride and Go Seek!" TDS videos feature Sindbad Storybook Voyages and Caravan Caroussel.

Flower and Green Selections for April/May
These months feature the oriental white oak (in the Picnic Area) and the Japanese yellow rose (by Pooh Corner) at TDL. TDS has the mirato rose (in Cape Cod) and the king proteas (near Raging Spirits).

Monsters, Inc. Pages Updated
- The TDR Dream Cruiser will be touring western and central Japan to promote the new attraction.
- Attraction sponsor Panasonic presents a postcard drawing to promote its "Evolva" cell batteries. Entrants may win park passports, hotel stays or attraction-related merchandise.
- From April 15th, learn to draw Mike Wazowski in Disney's Drawing Class inside the Disney Gallery.
- A Monsters, Inc. Mobile Photo is available for guests that use their mobile phones to photograph a postcard with the silhouette of a monster. After sending it to a certain email address, guests will receive a surprising monster image!

TDR Hotel Restaurants Pages
The Disney-brand hotel restaurants and lounges have their own site with new information and features for each location.

Your Memories of TDR
Guests are able to submit short reports of their memories and memorable experiences of their Resort visits. Submissions allowed until the end of April.

Ambassador Hotel Monsters, Inc. Fun Time
The four restaurants and one lounge will feature special meny items and presents to celebrate the opening of the new attraction. Chef Mickey has "It's Laughter", a non-alcoholic drink with mango juice, apple juice and pear syrup for ¥1,600. Empire Grill has a special lunch set and character-themed desserts. Hana offers a Monsters, Inc.-themed drink coaster with its teppanyaki lunch. Tick Tock Diner has a set which includes shrimp-avocado-potato salad sandwich with mild chili sauce, a cinnamon churro and soft drink for ¥1,850. Hyperion Lounge has a special dessert set and special drink until the end of May.

TDL Restaurant Recommendations
Plaza Restaurant has some new items available from April 10th, they include: pork curry bowl, korean namul bowl, (Mickey) glove-shaped chicken pao sandwich and Mike "Wa"zowski soft rice cake.

TDR 25th: Magical Reports
A recap of some of the events that comprise the 25th Anniversary celebrations. This latest reports by participants in the events focus on the Christmas-time performances of Little Angel Carolers and Voices of Christmas.

"Remaining in the Heart" Special Movies
A short film featuring a Birthday Magic (#3) experience for a guest during his visit to the Resort.

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Resort Calendars Updated on JTCEnt.com

I've updated the event calendars for both Parks today. Here are some of the latest additions and corrections. As always, please check the official sites for more information. Click on the park name to go to the Calendar pages.

For Tokyo DisneySea, Early Entry dates were added for May and June. Some restaurants are closing for maintenance in late autumn. Funderful Disney Fan Club members have their parties on certain days in July, August and September. Also, Disney's Halloween dates were updated with the new ending date of November 3rd.

For Tokyo Disneyland, Dad Stock at Tokyo Disneyland dates were added. Early Entry information was updated for hotel guests staying in June and July. October Park hours were added and Disney's Halloween ending date was changed to November 3rd.

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"Dad Stock" Returns to TDL in June

nempaOnce again this summer is going to ROCK with Dad Stock at Tokyo Disneyland! This event of amateur bands with members 40 years-of-age and above began last year and turned out to be quite popular. The site once again is Tomorrowland Terrace Stage and audition tapes are currently being accepted. The event has live shows Wednesdays thru Fridays from June 3rd to June 26th. Check out the official page (Japanese only).

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Magic Kingdom Club Card Arrives

nempaMy new Magic Kingdom Club Card arrived this week. It's good until March 2012. The free card is not available to the general public, but to certain trade groups and companies. Some of the benefits include passport discounts, hotel discounts and other services. This is the third term that I've had the card continuing on 7 years of memberships. The odd thing is that I hardly ever use it, perhaps 3-4 times a year. Go figure.

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TDR Attendance Reaches Record 27.2 Million

nempa Oriental Land Company has released the latest attendance numbers for the year ending March 31st, 2009. The total number of guests visiting both Parks combined, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, reached 27.2 million. This marks a 7.1% increase from last year and the largest number of visitors in the Resort's history. In FY1996, 17.5 million visited TDL alone for its 15th Anniversary events.

According to OLC, the surge is due to the popularity of the current 25th Anniversary celebrations. They are scheduled to end on April 14th. OLC does not publicly release numbers for each Park. For more information, check out the full press release.

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