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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 12th Trip Report

nempaHad a chance to visit TDL on Easter Sunday, April 12th. It also happened to be the final weekend of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. It was a warm day and a Japanese friend of mine was able to save a space right in front of the gates. A little later, SuperDry and his friend came by and we spent some time together.

Once the gates opened, we confirmed that Monsters, Inc. was closed to general Guests but open to contest winners and other promotional event Guests. We made our way to Tomorrowland Hall and won lottery tickets for the first performance Dreams Within, the Castle stage show. We watched the show and at the end and noticed the lackluster reaction of the Guests. The show is not one of my favorites at all.

We rode a number of attractions, then had lunch at Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. I had the "hamburg" steak patty with rice and veggies. Later, SuperDry and I went to TDS to film The Legend of Mythica from the Roman Bridge and the foot of Mt. Prometheus. We got some pretty good angles of all the floats entering and leaving the harbor.

The picture posted above is of Bon Voyage and its wall poster sign. They were recently painted after years of being faded. They look quite nice! I left the Resort right after watching Mythica.

Attraction tally for today: Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain (twice), Big Thunder Mountain.

Show tally: Dreams Within, The Legend of Mythica

Restaurant tally: Captain Hook's Galley, Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

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