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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Discount TDR DVD's and CD's For Sale

nempaListed below are some official TDR items that I have received as gifts, but already have. I'm selling them at discount prices via PayPal to make extra space on my shelves! If you're interested in buying one or any of them, please email me at contact(at)jtcent(dot)com. Thanks!

Lilo and Stitch's Big Panic: Find Stitch! (CD)
Original Price: ¥2,000 (about US$20.00)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥1,500 (about US$15.00)

Disney's Halloween 2007 (CD)
Original Price: ¥2,190 (about US$21.90)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥1,700 (about US$17.00)

TDR Dreams of the 25th - Forever (3-CD Set)
Original Price: ¥4,285 (about US$42.85)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥3,500 (about US$35.00)

Enjoy Tokyo Disney Resort Complete Official Guide (DVD)
Original Price: ¥2,980 (about US$29.80)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥2,000 (about US$20.00)

Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary: On to the Sea of Celebration (DVD)
Original Price: ¥2,800 (about US$28.00)
JTCEnt.com Price: ¥2,000 (about US$20.00)

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