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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Disney Fan (#203 - June 2009)

The newest issue of Disney Fan Magazine published by Kodansha was released on the April 22nd. It features Mike and Sully in front of the new attraction building at TDL. This month's issue (available for order from Amazon Japan) includes:

- Pictures of Monsters Inc. "Ride & Go Seek!" at TDL. Attraction-related merchandise, menus and campaigns.
- Guide for TDS's Spring Carnival. Special event-related merchandise, menus and campaigns.
- "Fun with Children at the Resort" information
- "Hot Hot Now!" introduces a new line of shirts and hats, some with a Westernland motif.
- There's a report on the "Disney Academy" for training new Cast Members.
- Small article on this year's Disney on Classic tour "Promise".
- Panasonic has a large advertising section featuring TDL.
- The "Disney Shin-Seiki" section is about Disney's Blu-ray Discs.
- The Sheet Music section has "We Rock" from the film "Camp Rock"
- "Disney Cafe Recipes" has a soy pulp and spinach donut in the shape of Mike Wazowski.
- "The Disney Store" prepares for Donald's Birthday with new merchandise.
- "Disney Fan Readers Selection: Disney's Best of Best" CD to be released on May 20th for ¥2,548.
- "My Tokyo Disney Resort" Issue #62 called "Tokyo Disney Resort New Attraction Guidebook"

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