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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Official Site Updates (Apr 11 - Apr 17)

nempaHere's a list of official TDR website updates. As always, links are in Japanese.

New Monsters, Inc. Commercial
A new television spot for the new attraction is available for viewing. NOTE: Adobe Flash Player required.

New Spring Carnival Commercial
A new TV commercial is also available for the upcoming TDS special event. NOTE: Adobe Flash Player required.

May 2009 Photo Calendar
Download the newest photo calendar wallpaper for your PC or Mac desktop.

Shashin de Meguru Tokyo Disney Resort
(Around TDR in Pictures)

The photo essay pages are updated with the new theme "Michi" (Paths). Click on the "Enter" button.

Dance Showcase Performers Wanted
As part of the Performance Dream Festival, TDS is hosting the Dance Showcase (pictured above) featuring amateur dance teams. Deadline for video submissions is Friday, May 29th. The shows run on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between July 22nd and August 29th.

Fun Monsters, Inc. Downloads Available
Disney Ambassador Hotel has a campaign for the new attraction opening. Fun printouts of the characters are available for download as well as mobile phone wallpaper images.

Osusume Souvenir (TDL)
(Recommended Souvenirs)

Focusing on TDL menu items this time, Refreshment Corner is offering a Lilo & Stitch Lunch Box Set with course-ground sausage dog, french fries and soft drink for ¥1,460 (meal only for ¥830). Captain Hook's Galley has an Aristocats Lunch Box Set with a slice of chicken with mozarella and tomato pizza, small cream puff and choice of soft drink for ¥1,470 (meal only for ¥840). The popular Mickey Box Lunch Set at Huey, Louie and Dewey's Good Time Cafe now features a hot bologna sausage sandwich, french fries and soft drink for ¥1,680 (meal only for ¥700).

Osusume Souvenir (TDS)
(Recommended Souvenirs)

Over at TDS, Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen has a really cute Mermaid Lagoon Box Set Lunch that includes a prawn cutlet sandwich, french friends, strawberry mousse with jelly and a soft drink for ¥1,850 (meal only for ¥990). The Donald Duck Lunch Box Set sold at Cape Cod Cook-Off features a sesame sauce and fried egg burger, french friends, chocolate cake and soft drink for ¥1,950 (meal only for ¥990). The same Lilo & Stitch Lunch Box Set mentioned above is also available at Miguel's Eldorado Cantina with a chicken and cheese wrap, french fries, mango pudding and soft drink for ¥1,620 (meal only for ¥990).

Mickey to Tsukuru Saikou no Omoide 2 Days
(Two Days of Making the Best Memories with Mickey)

The Ambassador Hotel has a campaign from June 1st to July 16th where guests can buy a vacation package and spend a special time with Mickey. The package includes a one-night stay, special meet-and-greet with Mickey and original goods and menu options. Sales begin from Thursday, April 23 at 11:00am.

Gift Passports for Mom
For Mother's Day in May, special gift passports are being sold only online until May 17th and allow Guests to include a special message on the passport media. Special cocktails (alcholic and non-alcholic) will be sold May 1st through 10th. Themed merchandise for mothers is on sale at Figaro's Clothiers (TDS) and Town Center Fashions (TDL).

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