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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Official Site Updates (Apr 18 - Apr 25)

nempaHere's a list of recent updates on the official Japanese TDR website. As always, links are in Japanese.

Spring Carnival CD Released
Sold inside the Park one week before national release, this year's version features a new bonus track. The CD is available for sale at House of Greetings (TDL), Emporio (TDS), Bon Voyage and other locations around the Resort. Read our detailed report for this release.

Duffy Stories Wanted
Site visitors are encouraged to write their stories about Duffy and memories with the Disney Bear at the Park. From April 21st to July 31st, Guests can send in submissions via the online site. Selected entries will be posted on the site from late May to August.

Cape Cod Series Begins
To start the "Cape Cod Series", a the first in a series of Duffy costumes (pictured above) will go on sale from April 28th at Aunt Peg's Village Store. The costume set selling for ¥3,500 includes a hat, shirt, pants, apron, shoes and potted plant. A badge chain with a mini-Duffy in the new costume is also being sold for ¥1,300. New costumes in the series will go on sale on June 12th, July 17th, September 25th and November 27th.

Spring Carnival Wallpaper
Computer and mobile wallpaper can be downloaded featuring the Fairies in this year's Spring Carnival. Mac and PC versions available in 800x600 or 1024x768 sizes.

Watashi no Otomari Episode
(Anecdotes of My Stay)

Guests who have stayed at Disney-brand Hotels can submit short stories about their visit and recommended ideas. After sending in their anecodotes, they will be able to download a themed e-mail as a present.

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