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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Official Site Updates (Mar 28 - Apr 3)

Here's a summary and links for the latest TDR Official Site updates between March 28th and April 3rd, 2009. All pages are in Japanese unless otherwise indicated.

Tokyo Disney Resort Perfect Guide (TV/Satellite Broadcast)
The early April 2009 edition of the 30-minute broadcast focuses on the last part of the 25th Anniversary celebrations. Present giveaways include Mickey and Minnie plush dolls dressed in 25th Anniversary costumes. Check local TV listings for show broadcast times.

New Spring Menu at the TDL Hotels
Until April 30th, the restaurants inside Tokyo Disneyland Hotel will be offering special menus for spring. Sherwood Garden Restaurant has buffet menus for lunch and dinner. A glass of Pommery Springtime is available for ¥1,850 or the bottle for ¥11,000. Canna offers special courses and a la carte items focusing on seafood. Recommended is the Spring Fanfare with white cacao liquer and strawberry hibiscus syrup for ¥1,400. At Dreamer's Lounge between 2:30pm and 9:00pm, the Spring Afternoon Tea Set for ¥3,000 feature 35 items such as finger sandwiches, green tea scones, the "dessert medley" and black tea.

Guest with Disabilities Attraction Videos (links below)
Videos showing how guests with disabilities are accommodated in certain attractions are available for viewing. The TDL videos feature Western River Railroad, Pooh's Hunny Hunt, Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and Monster's, Inc. "Ride and Go Seek!" TDS videos feature Sindbad Storybook Voyages and Caravan Caroussel.

Flower and Green Selections for April/May
These months feature the oriental white oak (in the Picnic Area) and the Japanese yellow rose (by Pooh Corner) at TDL. TDS has the mirato rose (in Cape Cod) and the king proteas (near Raging Spirits).

Monsters, Inc. Pages Updated
- The TDR Dream Cruiser will be touring western and central Japan to promote the new attraction.
- Attraction sponsor Panasonic presents a postcard drawing to promote its "Evolva" cell batteries. Entrants may win park passports, hotel stays or attraction-related merchandise.
- From April 15th, learn to draw Mike Wazowski in Disney's Drawing Class inside the Disney Gallery.
- A Monsters, Inc. Mobile Photo is available for guests that use their mobile phones to photograph a postcard with the silhouette of a monster. After sending it to a certain email address, guests will receive a surprising monster image!

TDR Hotel Restaurants Pages
The Disney-brand hotel restaurants and lounges have their own site with new information and features for each location.

Your Memories of TDR
Guests are able to submit short reports of their memories and memorable experiences of their Resort visits. Submissions allowed until the end of April.

Ambassador Hotel Monsters, Inc. Fun Time
The four restaurants and one lounge will feature special meny items and presents to celebrate the opening of the new attraction. Chef Mickey has "It's Laughter", a non-alcoholic drink with mango juice, apple juice and pear syrup for ¥1,600. Empire Grill has a special lunch set and character-themed desserts. Hana offers a Monsters, Inc.-themed drink coaster with its teppanyaki lunch. Tick Tock Diner has a set which includes shrimp-avocado-potato salad sandwich with mild chili sauce, a cinnamon churro and soft drink for ¥1,850. Hyperion Lounge has a special dessert set and special drink until the end of May.

TDL Restaurant Recommendations
Plaza Restaurant has some new items available from April 10th, they include: pork curry bowl, korean namul bowl, (Mickey) glove-shaped chicken pao sandwich and Mike "Wa"zowski soft rice cake.

TDR 25th: Magical Reports
A recap of some of the events that comprise the 25th Anniversary celebrations. This latest reports by participants in the events focus on the Christmas-time performances of Little Angel Carolers and Voices of Christmas.

"Remaining in the Heart" Special Movies
A short film featuring a Birthday Magic (#3) experience for a guest during his visit to the Resort.

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