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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Carnival (2009) CD Released

On April 22nd, the CD for TDS's Spring Carnival was released at the Resort (April 29th nationwide). It has two tracks including a bonus track for "Fly to Your Heart" from the "Tinker Bell" soundtrack. Below is more detailed information and to the right is the Amazon Japan link in case you'd like a copy for yourself.

Label / Distributor:
Walt Disney Records / Avex Records (AVCW-12718)
1. Fairies Primavera
(23:44; Fly to Your Heart / It's Spring / Spring Fever (Presley) / "Spring" (Vivaldi) / Springtime Jump / Spring (The Season for Love) / The Carnival of Spring)
2. Fly to Your Heart
(3:12; from "Tinker Bell")
Price: ¥2,100

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