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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Halloween 2010 Underway at TDR

nempaA day after storms washed out most of the outdoor shows, it was a cool day that greeted guests in both parks as Disney's Halloween officially began! There were average crowds and all shows went off without a hitch ("Toontown Halloween Costume Party" pictured right. Courtesy of Fuji Sankei News.). The resort is expecting big crowds for the first weekend beginning tomorrow. Our friends at Deep Disney have some of the first videos. Check them out below!

Disney's Halloween Street "Welcome to Spookyville"

Mousequerade Dance

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rain Cancels "Over the Waves" Sayonara

nempaToday was supposed to be the day to see the preview of the new Halloween parade at Tokyo Disneyland, "Disney Halloween Street: Welcome to Spookyville" and the sayonara performances for Tokyo DisneySea's Over the Waves." However, Mother Nature would have none of it as Tropical Cyclone No. 9 (Maluh) hit the Kanto area where TDR is located.

Heavy rains throughout the day cancelled all the outdoor shows and parades in both parks. For Over the Waves (Watch the video below!), today would have been its final shows at Dockside Stage. The show began in July 2006 as part of the park's 5th Anniversary celebrations. There has been no permanent show replacement announced. The stage will be the site of seasonal programming over the next few months.

Our good friends at the Japanese site DeepDisney have added photos taken at the park during today's storm. DeepDisney updates their site daily and features all aspects of the parks in their archives. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Halloween Begins Early at Both Parks

nempaDisney's Halloween 2010 officially begins on Thursday, September 9th in both parks. However, guests can experience the new season with park decorations and event merchandise already available. Also, a special version of Super Duper Jumpin' Time has been having a special Halloween version for a few days now. Word is that there will be a couple of sneak previews for "Disney Halloween Street: Welcome to Spookyville", the Halloween parade at Tokyo Disneyland tomorrow!

A very good friend of ours has posted plenty of great pics taken the past few days in both parks. Please visit TokyoDisneySweets, an English-language blog with lots of photos from TDR and around Tokyo. She updates daily and visits the parks quite often. Enjoy!

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Monday, September 06, 2010

TDL Halloween Costume Rules

nempaYou want to wear a costume to TDR this year? You'll probably want to read the following rules, conditions and policies. Enjoy! (NOTE: The following are based on translations from the official site. For more information, contact the park.)

What kinds of costumes are allowed and not allowed?
  1. Guests may only dress up as characters from Disney animated films or Disney theme park attractions.
  2. Guests may not dress up as characters from live action films (live-action/animated films exempt). NOTE: Some attractions have feature films like "Haunted Mansion", Guests may only dress up as characters which appear in the attraction (e.g. Madame Leota).
  3. Guests may not dress up as Tokyo Disney Resort costumed Cast Members (elementary school-aged guests exempt).
For the safety of all guests, the following items/props are not allowed:
  • Hazardous items (knives, model guns, fireworks, etc.)
  • Staffs, sticks, spades, long canes.
  • Clothing with pointed items or long chains.
  • Inline skates, kickboards or skateboards.
  • Long dresses/skirts that drag on the floor.
  • Masks, rubber masks, face painting.
For the enjoyment of all guests, please refrain from wearing the following items:
  • Clothing which exposes (a lot of skin) such as off-the-shoulder tops or mid-drifts. Guests may wear those items if worn together with a body suit, body top, or jacket covering the skin.
  • Swimsuits, underwear, leotards or full-body tights.
For the consideration of others inside the park:
  • Full-body costumes may only be worn at Tokyo Disneyland on specified days (see below). Partial costumes may be worn at Tokyo DisneySea (elementary school-aged guests exempt).
  • Guests who cannot properly store, remove or secure certain costume items may not be able to ride certain attractions.
  • Please use the "Clothes Changing Space" (see below) outside the park for changing into and out of costumes.
  • For changing into/out of costumes, please refrain from using restrooms, priority toilet stalls or coin lockers inside and outside the park.
To maintain the good atmosphere in the park, please observe the following:
  • Please refrain from wearing a disguise that ruins the image of the character or is not suitable for its atmosphere.
  • Please refrain from wearing masks, rubber masks, and face painting in which the entire face is covered.
  • Please refrain from wearing costumes that may obstruct park traffic.
  • Please refrain from wearing long dresses/skirts. (* Guests may not be able to get ride some attractions).
  • Please use underwear to cover exposed skin on some costumes such as Ariel, Jasmine and Tinker Bell.
  • Please ask other guests for permission to take their photograph. Please refrain from taking photographs without permission.
  • Please confirm information regarding costumes before entering the park.
Please note the following:
  • Guests may be prohibited from entering the park or may be asked to remove certain costume items/articles.
  • Additionally, park entry may be prohibited based on the judgement of Tokyo Disneyland and its Cast Members or complaints by other Guests.
Costumes can only be worn at Tokyo Disneyland on the following days:
  • From Thursday, September 9th to Wednesday, September 15th and Sunday, October 25th to Saturday, October 31st.
  • Some Halloween costume merchandise will be sold in the parks from September 1st, those items may be worn on any day. (NOTE: For the enjoyment of others, Guests may be asked to remove large head covering during shows and parades.)
Character Costume Examples:
  • Cinderella's dress may not be too wide that it disrupts other or too long so that it drags on the floor.
  • Tinker Bell costume cannot wear a top which exposes too much skin, a blouse covering may be worn in addition to that.
  • For the Mickey Mouse costume, full-body tights may not be used.
  • For Jafar, Guests may not bring staffs, sticks or long canes.
  • For Malificent, masks, rubber masks and face painting is not allowed.
  • For the Indiana Jones character, realistic looking weapons, model guns, etc. are prohibited.
Clothes Changing Space (Dressing Rooms)
  • Located outside the park for guests who want to dress up in full-body costumes.
  • Separate facilities for men and women are available from September 9th to 15th and October 25th to 31st.
  • It will be open from one hour before park opening to 10pm each day.
  • The location is on the right side of "Carriage House Refreshments" outside the park gates.
  • Park Guide Maps do not offer information, please ask a Cast Member for information.
  • Coin lockers are not available at this location. Times of operation may change without notice.
  • The following are prohibited inside the facilities: Eating and drinking, smoking, taking photographs, and leaving baggage.
Here's the link to the official site in Japanese.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

TDS Hotel MiraCosta Turns Nine!

nempaNot only was it Tokyo DisneySea's anniversary on Saturday, but it was also the ninth anniversary of the opening of the Hotel MiraCosta. It is situated at the park entrance and offers spectacular views of the park from many of its rooms and suites!

High above the lobby is a beautiful large dome which features murals of the goddesses for each other the park's themed ports. For the anniversary of the hotel, we have a video (see below) which shows something special hidden inside most of the murals! Enjoy!

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday Tokyo DisneySea

nempaNine years ago today, in what started as a dark cloudy day, Tokyo DisneySea opened its doors as Tokyo's second gate. With threat of a typhoon and a weekday opening, crowds were remarkably light. There was a ceremony that day officially opening the park with speeches by Toshio Kagami (then-president of Oriental Land Company), Michael Eisner (then-CEO of the Walt Disney Company), and the late Roy Disney Jr. Right before Roy spoke, the clouds opened up and the sun shone brightly in the new park. Was it a miracle? Or a little Disney magic!?!?! Happy birthday little sister park DisneySea!

Below we have video coverage of the opening ceremony. Please excuse the bad angle and shaky shots. Enjoy!

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500,000,000th Guest Visits TDR

nempaOn the morning of August 27th, Megumi Souma walked through the gates at Tokyo Disneyland and was greeted with a bouquet of flowers. She didn't realize that she was the 500 millionth guest to visit Tokyo Disney Resort combining both parks' figures. She met Mickey and Minnie and received some presents including a special 5-year 2-park Passport!

The milestone was reached 27 years and 137 days since the park opened in April 1983. Previous attendance milestones: the 100 millionth guest visited in May 1991 and the 200 millionth in July 1997. Since Tokyo DisneySea opened in September 2001, Oriental Land Company has only released combined attendance figures: the 300 millionth guest came in November 2002, and the 400 millionth in November 2006.

For the full story, check our News Page.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

TDR Christmas 2010 Preview

nempaOriental Land Company has released information regarding this year's 48-day Christmas events at the parks that run from Monday, November 8th, 2010 to Saturday, December 25th, 2010.

At Tokyo Disneyland, "Christmas Fantasy" starts off with the "White Holiday Parade" The floats feature Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell and Terrence, and Chip and Dale ice skating. This year two new floats will be added. At night in front of Cinderella Castle, "Twinkling Christmas Castle" will be performed.

At Tokyo DisneySea, the new "Christmas Wishes" will be presented. There will be Christmas-themed displays in all seven themed ports. From November 14th, Waterfront Park will be the site for the story revue-type stage show "Christmas Wishes". It features Christmas carols, dancing and, for the finale, a 10-meter tall Christmas tree with a grand surprise! Dockside Stage will host the character greeting show "Seven Lights of Christmas".

Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Ikspiari, Cirque du Soleil Theatre Tokyo, and the Tokyo Disney Resort Line will also hold Christmas-related events. Ikspiari's "Pure White Christmas" begins Saturday, November 6th.

For the full report, check out our News Page.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mythica Falling Apart?

nempaIn just a few days, Tokyo DisneySea will be turning nine. However, it seems that some things from its 5th Anniversary in 2006 may not stand the test of time. For example, Over the Waves will have its final performance on September 8th, four and a half years after its debut. And a few days ago, a good friend of ours caught a performance of Legend of Mythica, and it left an impression of the not-so-good kind.

He writes (Highlights mine):
But the reason I'm writing is to share with you guys what had to be the worst performance of Mythica EVER (at least I sure hope it was...). It was actually fun to watch, but a bit sad. First, the water chick that goes up was broken, so she never showed up. Then when Mickey rises, he got stuck and didn't spin around at all. One of the frog boats with the eggs (what the hell are those, anyway?) was unable to dock for some reason...maybe a new driver... and the dancers missed half of what they were supposed to be doing on the stage area. The fountains on the center barge are not working so well these days, and almost half of them don't have enough force to make the fountain patterns properly. One of the kites from the jet skis broke and just laid in the water limply soon after they pulled them out. The unicorn boat stalled just after coming out, and caused a traffic jam for all the other big boats behind it. It finally got going, but made everything late for the rest of the show. None of the fire was working on the dragon or the phoenix boats, which wasn't because of wind because all the fireworks were used. And the final bust, a BIG one, was when the hydra boat completely broke when they're all supposed to leave the lagoon. The heads stopped moving, and the boat was just sitting there for at least 15 minutes, long after the show was over. Why this is funny is that the poor performers had to continue to wave and act. For a LONG time. Poor people. I didn't even stay to see how they got it out of there, it was too hot.
Let's hope they got everything working again. Hehehe.

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

TDS Fantasmic! Poster Revealed

nempaThe Disney Auditions website has revealed the new Fantasmic! poster for the show opening at Tokyo DisneySea in April 2011. If the graphic art is any indication, it will incorporate scenes from Disneyland's version, the new World of Color at Disney's California Adventure and new characters exclusive to this park.

Honor Hunter
of Blue Sky Disney reports:
Come April, the Japanese will have their own version of this show and it'll be on steroids.
The Disney Auditions site has the following "job description" for potential character performers (Highlights mine):
Disney Character Look-alikes perform in shows, parades and meet-and-greets throughout Tokyo Disney Resort. This is an exciting year as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea, and prepare for the exciting premiere of Fantasmic! Staring(sic) a bevy of Disney Characters and combining explosive pyrotechnics, shimmering laser lights and dazzling dancing water effects with beloved Disney songs and animation, Fantasmic! is a lavish musical extravaganza in sight and sound.
It seems like performers's contracts will start two months before the show opens next spring in the waters of Mediterranean Harbor.

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Pooh's Hunny Hunt 10th Anniversary

nempaToday marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of Pooh's Hunny Hunt at Tokyo Disneyland. On September 1st, 2000, the crowds of people that gather at the park gates was simply unbelievable! It seemed like half of Tokyo was there just to get on that ride! As for me, I'm not a morning dasher, more like a morning walker. By the time I made it to Fantasyland 4 minutes after gate opening, the queue had already grown to have a 60-minute wait. I was able to get on the ride about 45 minutes later. When I exited, the Cast Members were announcing a 480-minute wait! Yes folks, that's EIGHT HOURS! Mind you, I'm not a Pooh fan but I love this ride! Even after ten years, it's still a fun spin. So, to commemorate its opening, I give you these video (in two parts) taken days after that hectic opening day. Enjoy!

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TDL Halloween Music Information

nempaTokyo Disney Resort has been blessed with a number of talented musicians and engineers who create the music we all love! A few years ago, composer and arranger Scott Erickson began working on music for various special events at both Tokyo parks. Some of his vast work has been featured in "Bon Fire Dance", "Disney's Easter Wonderland", "Stitch's Big Panic" and "Disney's Halloween." He recently posted on his website new information regarding this year's music for the parade, "Welcome to Spookyville."

He writes (Highlights mine):
Once again this year I was asked to write a new song and arrange for Tokyo Disneyland's 2010 Halloween Parade. It was great fun to write this. The challenge was to do something new and different and add some less traditional elements to the song. We came up with something that has a little Latin flavor, a touch of Gospel, a good amount of Disney and a whole lot of fun! It's called 'Obake Party.' The word‘Obake' means 'ghost' in Japanese. My work is for the show portion of the parade. My friend, the extremely talented Don Harper wrote and arranged the song for the parade portion. Additionally, for the show mode, we used an excerpt of a song Rick McKee wrote as well. Recording took place in late July and mixing and preparation for the show is in full swing in Tokyo. It all adds up to a spooky great time! Happy Halloween!
Be sure to read more on Scott Erickson and listen to some of his works in his official website!

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Tokyo Disney Resort Times Vol. 22 Released

nempaThe newest edition of Tokyo Disney Resort Times has been released at Disney Stores and various locations nationally. Mickey Mouse dressed in the Mysterious Masquerade costume can be seen on the cover with Tower of Terror and Mt. Prometheus in the background. Issue #22 covers September and October 2010.

Tokyo Disneyland will host "Toontown Halloween Party" and "Welcome to Spookyville" (parade). "Haunted Holiday Mansion" will also be open during this time until January 5th next year. While younger kids are welcomed to come dressed in costumes any day during the event, older kids and adults may only dress up on September 9th-15th and October 25th-31st.

Tokyo DisneySea will be hosting for its second year with Halloween greetings by Chip and Dale at Miguel's El Dorado Cantina and Stitch at Zambini Brothers Ristorante. The popular stage show at Waterfront Park "Mysterious Masquerade" is returning as well. Lido Isle will be the site for the "Mousquerade Dance" greeting while Lost River Delta has "Chip and Dale's Skeleton Fiesta."

Both parks will have the "Night High Halloween" fireworks from 8:30pm nightly.

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