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Saturday, September 04, 2010

500,000,000th Guest Visits TDR

nempaOn the morning of August 27th, Megumi Souma walked through the gates at Tokyo Disneyland and was greeted with a bouquet of flowers. She didn't realize that she was the 500 millionth guest to visit Tokyo Disney Resort combining both parks' figures. She met Mickey and Minnie and received some presents including a special 5-year 2-park Passport!

The milestone was reached 27 years and 137 days since the park opened in April 1983. Previous attendance milestones: the 100 millionth guest visited in May 1991 and the 200 millionth in July 1997. Since Tokyo DisneySea opened in September 2001, Oriental Land Company has only released combined attendance figures: the 300 millionth guest came in November 2002, and the 400 millionth in November 2006.

For the full story, check our News Page.

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