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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Halloween Begins Early at Both Parks

nempaDisney's Halloween 2010 officially begins on Thursday, September 9th in both parks. However, guests can experience the new season with park decorations and event merchandise already available. Also, a special version of Super Duper Jumpin' Time has been having a special Halloween version for a few days now. Word is that there will be a couple of sneak previews for "Disney Halloween Street: Welcome to Spookyville", the Halloween parade at Tokyo Disneyland tomorrow!

A very good friend of ours has posted plenty of great pics taken the past few days in both parks. Please visit TokyoDisneySweets, an English-language blog with lots of photos from TDR and around Tokyo. She updates daily and visits the parks quite often. Enjoy!

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  • At September 08, 2010 12:35 PM , Blogger gigidisney said...

    hola Joe como estas ya estoy a la espera de tus videos del parque para halloween me encanta espero que los puedas subir pronto para disfrutarlos y gracias por darnos otro link donde poder ver esos maravillosos parque que son Tokio Disneyland y Tokio Disney Sea hasta luego


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