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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mythica Falling Apart?

nempaIn just a few days, Tokyo DisneySea will be turning nine. However, it seems that some things from its 5th Anniversary in 2006 may not stand the test of time. For example, Over the Waves will have its final performance on September 8th, four and a half years after its debut. And a few days ago, a good friend of ours caught a performance of Legend of Mythica, and it left an impression of the not-so-good kind.

He writes (Highlights mine):
But the reason I'm writing is to share with you guys what had to be the worst performance of Mythica EVER (at least I sure hope it was...). It was actually fun to watch, but a bit sad. First, the water chick that goes up was broken, so she never showed up. Then when Mickey rises, he got stuck and didn't spin around at all. One of the frog boats with the eggs (what the hell are those, anyway?) was unable to dock for some reason...maybe a new driver... and the dancers missed half of what they were supposed to be doing on the stage area. The fountains on the center barge are not working so well these days, and almost half of them don't have enough force to make the fountain patterns properly. One of the kites from the jet skis broke and just laid in the water limply soon after they pulled them out. The unicorn boat stalled just after coming out, and caused a traffic jam for all the other big boats behind it. It finally got going, but made everything late for the rest of the show. None of the fire was working on the dragon or the phoenix boats, which wasn't because of wind because all the fireworks were used. And the final bust, a BIG one, was when the hydra boat completely broke when they're all supposed to leave the lagoon. The heads stopped moving, and the boat was just sitting there for at least 15 minutes, long after the show was over. Why this is funny is that the poor performers had to continue to wave and act. For a LONG time. Poor people. I didn't even stay to see how they got it out of there, it was too hot.
Let's hope they got everything working again. Hehehe.

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