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Monday, September 06, 2010

TDL Halloween Costume Rules

nempaYou want to wear a costume to TDR this year? You'll probably want to read the following rules, conditions and policies. Enjoy! (NOTE: The following are based on translations from the official site. For more information, contact the park.)

What kinds of costumes are allowed and not allowed?
  1. Guests may only dress up as characters from Disney animated films or Disney theme park attractions.
  2. Guests may not dress up as characters from live action films (live-action/animated films exempt). NOTE: Some attractions have feature films like "Haunted Mansion", Guests may only dress up as characters which appear in the attraction (e.g. Madame Leota).
  3. Guests may not dress up as Tokyo Disney Resort costumed Cast Members (elementary school-aged guests exempt).
For the safety of all guests, the following items/props are not allowed:
  • Hazardous items (knives, model guns, fireworks, etc.)
  • Staffs, sticks, spades, long canes.
  • Clothing with pointed items or long chains.
  • Inline skates, kickboards or skateboards.
  • Long dresses/skirts that drag on the floor.
  • Masks, rubber masks, face painting.
For the enjoyment of all guests, please refrain from wearing the following items:
  • Clothing which exposes (a lot of skin) such as off-the-shoulder tops or mid-drifts. Guests may wear those items if worn together with a body suit, body top, or jacket covering the skin.
  • Swimsuits, underwear, leotards or full-body tights.
For the consideration of others inside the park:
  • Full-body costumes may only be worn at Tokyo Disneyland on specified days (see below). Partial costumes may be worn at Tokyo DisneySea (elementary school-aged guests exempt).
  • Guests who cannot properly store, remove or secure certain costume items may not be able to ride certain attractions.
  • Please use the "Clothes Changing Space" (see below) outside the park for changing into and out of costumes.
  • For changing into/out of costumes, please refrain from using restrooms, priority toilet stalls or coin lockers inside and outside the park.
To maintain the good atmosphere in the park, please observe the following:
  • Please refrain from wearing a disguise that ruins the image of the character or is not suitable for its atmosphere.
  • Please refrain from wearing masks, rubber masks, and face painting in which the entire face is covered.
  • Please refrain from wearing costumes that may obstruct park traffic.
  • Please refrain from wearing long dresses/skirts. (* Guests may not be able to get ride some attractions).
  • Please use underwear to cover exposed skin on some costumes such as Ariel, Jasmine and Tinker Bell.
  • Please ask other guests for permission to take their photograph. Please refrain from taking photographs without permission.
  • Please confirm information regarding costumes before entering the park.
Please note the following:
  • Guests may be prohibited from entering the park or may be asked to remove certain costume items/articles.
  • Additionally, park entry may be prohibited based on the judgement of Tokyo Disneyland and its Cast Members or complaints by other Guests.
Costumes can only be worn at Tokyo Disneyland on the following days:
  • From Thursday, September 9th to Wednesday, September 15th and Sunday, October 25th to Saturday, October 31st.
  • Some Halloween costume merchandise will be sold in the parks from September 1st, those items may be worn on any day. (NOTE: For the enjoyment of others, Guests may be asked to remove large head covering during shows and parades.)
Character Costume Examples:
  • Cinderella's dress may not be too wide that it disrupts other or too long so that it drags on the floor.
  • Tinker Bell costume cannot wear a top which exposes too much skin, a blouse covering may be worn in addition to that.
  • For the Mickey Mouse costume, full-body tights may not be used.
  • For Jafar, Guests may not bring staffs, sticks or long canes.
  • For Malificent, masks, rubber masks and face painting is not allowed.
  • For the Indiana Jones character, realistic looking weapons, model guns, etc. are prohibited.
Clothes Changing Space (Dressing Rooms)
  • Located outside the park for guests who want to dress up in full-body costumes.
  • Separate facilities for men and women are available from September 9th to 15th and October 25th to 31st.
  • It will be open from one hour before park opening to 10pm each day.
  • The location is on the right side of "Carriage House Refreshments" outside the park gates.
  • Park Guide Maps do not offer information, please ask a Cast Member for information.
  • Coin lockers are not available at this location. Times of operation may change without notice.
  • The following are prohibited inside the facilities: Eating and drinking, smoking, taking photographs, and leaving baggage.
Here's the link to the official site in Japanese.

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