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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

TDL Halloween Music Information

nempaTokyo Disney Resort has been blessed with a number of talented musicians and engineers who create the music we all love! A few years ago, composer and arranger Scott Erickson began working on music for various special events at both Tokyo parks. Some of his vast work has been featured in "Bon Fire Dance", "Disney's Easter Wonderland", "Stitch's Big Panic" and "Disney's Halloween." He recently posted on his website new information regarding this year's music for the parade, "Welcome to Spookyville."

He writes (Highlights mine):
Once again this year I was asked to write a new song and arrange for Tokyo Disneyland's 2010 Halloween Parade. It was great fun to write this. The challenge was to do something new and different and add some less traditional elements to the song. We came up with something that has a little Latin flavor, a touch of Gospel, a good amount of Disney and a whole lot of fun! It's called 'Obake Party.' The word‘Obake' means 'ghost' in Japanese. My work is for the show portion of the parade. My friend, the extremely talented Don Harper wrote and arranged the song for the parade portion. Additionally, for the show mode, we used an excerpt of a song Rick McKee wrote as well. Recording took place in late July and mixing and preparation for the show is in full swing in Tokyo. It all adds up to a spooky great time! Happy Halloween!
Be sure to read more on Scott Erickson and listen to some of his works in his official website!

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  • At September 02, 2010 1:57 PM , Blogger gigidisney said...

    hola Joe: como estas que bueno que actualizaste tu nepa blog te queria preguntar vas ha poner los videos de halloween en tu pagina o en youtube para estar al pendiente nos tenias muy avandonado a todos tus seguidores gracias por actualizar nos estamos viendo


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